Our Treatments

Body Treatments

Pines Signature Oil Massage
A blend of traditional Meridian and deep tissue whole body massage with oil.

Pines Shiatsu Massage
Acupressure body massage without oil.

Twin Pines Massage
The ultimate indulgence with 2 masseuses, and a choice of either Pines Signature Oil Massage or Pines Shiatsu Massage.

Specialty Treatments

Soothing Swedish Massage
Making use of long flowing strokes with light and even pressure across the body, this massage technique is the perfect way to de-stress and to drift into a gentle state of calm.

Hot Oil Massage
The use of warm oil applied to the entire body has been practiced for hundreds of years. The warm oil along with the accompanying rhythmic massage strokes has many health benefits – but also, it simply feels great.

Target Area Massage
If you have aches and pains in particular areas that require more attention, this is the perfect massage for you. The therapist will customised your session to focus on your problem areas, and relief your discomfort.

Renal Care Massage
An application of a specialised blend of traditional herbal cream on the lower back followed by a targeted massage for kidney care.

Ovary Care Massage – for ladies
A specialised form of massage performed over the lower abdomen, pelvis, and sacrum area.

Lymphatic Massage – drainage & detoxification
The lymphatic system is a network of tissue and organs that help rid the body of toxins and waste. This treatment uses massage strokes to help clear build-ups in the lymph system and nodes.

Foot Treatments

Pines Foot Therapy
A foot bath, neck and shoulder massage, followed by an oil massage of the reflex points on the foot and calves.

Add-on Indulgences

Relaxing Aroma Oils
An olfactory experience from a choice of specially sourced aroma oils. Need we say more?

Refreshing Body Scrubs
With the help of our gentle exfoliating cream, this treatment will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and glowing.

Oriental Guasha
An ancient Chinese skin scraping technique which is known to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow. This treatment is believed to address the body’s natural ‘Chi’ to promote healing.

Oriental Cupping
Another famous Traditional Chinese Medicine pain relief treatment. The suction from the cupping is believed to draw out congested blood and stagnant energy away from the body.

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